Yoga For Golf

Up Your Game With Yoga

My Yoga For Golf programme will equip you with the tools to improve your flexibility, mobility, mental clarity, focus and well being.

Whilst these attributes will also improve your general well-being they will also give you a knowledge and understanding of the techniques involved to enable you to move forward and improve your golf game.

Week 1

Golf Mindset, Focus & Visualisation
Breathe correctly, clear your mind and visualise the shot in hand.

Week 2

Strengthening your body
Lower body mobilisation exercises designed to increase stamina throughout your round.

Week 3

Creating the x factor
Learning how to strengthen your core muscles and build flexibility to enable a more dynamic swing.

Week 4

Happy hips
Learn how to strengthen your hips and pelvis to help achieve longevity and a fuller turn in your swing.

Week 5

Getting the right golf posture
Exploring yoga biomechanices this session will look at how yoga can improve your posture.

Week 6

Lower your hanidcap
This full body workout will help you to perform to your maximum capability.

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Up Your Game with Yoga. This programme is designed to help improve your flexibility, mindfulness & health in order to benefit your golf game and physical well-being.